Spyware Pen Instructions

Spyware Pen Instructions

Please ensure you have formatted your Micro SD Card. Supports 4 GB to 32 GB.

Please ensure you have charged the pen prior to using. When the Spyware pen is plugged in to a USB port using the provided cable the red light will continuously flash indicating it is in charge mode.

To change the time. Edit the time located on the micro SD Card, Prior to video recording.

If you cannot locate the folder or files. First to a test record. The Pen will then create necessary files and folders. You can then edit the time.txt file.

Please Note:  When the cable is plugged in, The Pen is in charging mode. It cannot go into video mode.

Recommended: When you have finished your recording, copy the files to your PC, as a backup, and to minimize delays.


To Switch the pen on. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds. The Light will switch on, It is now in standby mode.

To Switch the pen off from video recording. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds. A red light will flash 3 – 5 times.  The light will then switch off indicating it has shutdown.

To Record video:

Press the button for 2 seconds. The Green light will flash 3 times. It Will then start recording video and intermittently show a green light. For spying purposes ensure the light is not facing in the direction of the recording persons.

When you have completed your recording, press the button once, the green light will then activate. It will save the file. Long press the button 3 -5 Seconds, to switch off.

Connect then Spyware Pen to your PC using cable provided to view your files.


The video format is .avi

If you are using a Samsung Phone, Your phone may not have a compatible player.

If you wish to view the files using your phone, try the app called Mobo, VLC, MX Player